HostGator Control Panel Walkthrough Review

HostGator is one of the top 10 largest hosting companies in the world with more than 8,000,000 hosted domains. The company has more than 850 employees and they provide around the clock support to the customers. In fact, HostGator makes web hosting easy and affordable. The company offers web hosting from just $3.95 per month. Thus, it is one of the cheapest web hosting companies on the internet.

Key Features of HostGator Control Panel

• Easy control panel
• Around the clock technical support
• 45 day money back guarantee
• 99.9% uptime guarantee
• $100 Yahoo!/Bing credit
• $100 Google AdWords offer
• 1 Click Script installs

You can customize and upgrade your HostGator VPS completely at any time when your site grows. Besides, full root access allows you to install advanced software, total control and completely customize your hosting environment. HostGator really provides you dedicated functionality without increasing the cost.

Semi or Fully Managed servers

HostGator offers both semi and fully managed VPS plans, which are ideal for meeting your needs. Though hosting control panel is not included in semi-managed plans, it includes assistance with any hardware, basic configuration or operating system issues. If you select fully managed plans, you will get assistance with about any issue or configuration request, outside of script/software installations.

Linux VPS Hosting of HostGator is a good bridge between dedicated servers and shared hosting. You can customize your VPS plans completely to match your specific hosting needs. You can also upgrade it at any time when your site grows. This is really a very good option because it allows you to start smart. At the same time, it provides you the ability to scale up very quickly. Full root access enables you to install advanced software. Control panel is available for easy administration.

WordPress platform of HostGator provides robust functionality and scalable cloud hosting. Thus, it helps your site to run more securely and faster than ever before.

Easy to Use

The HostGator control panel is the respected and widely used cPanel. HostGator has deep knowledge regarding the cPanel requirements of the users, but, at the same time, it offers user-friendly system. Your site administration can be handled by the managed WordPress platform. HostGator can update the software and all installed plugins automatically. This is also helpful for applying latest security pitches and feature upgrades. The managed hosting solution of HostGator includes everything you need to optimize WordPress. You can access email accounts and individual file through a single portal. So, you will get more time to do the things that you want. Thus, this is the best way to follow your passion.

Advanced Security

Malicious malware can create havoc on your site and the reputation of your business. HostGator scans your website daily and it removes malware automatically from your site. Managed WordPress hosting platform automatically backs up your entire website every day to provide you added security.


Cloud architecture of the HostGator’s Optimized WP scales with your business. Depending on the plan you select, your site can scale instantly with minimal downtime. Compared to other WordPress hosting plans, the managed WordPress hosting platform can provide you maximum value and optimal features.

Advantages of HostGator Control Panel

HostGator control panel offers you high level of control over your hosting experience. This control panel helps you to manage your FTP accounts, domain names, passwords, and your web email accounts. You can also make changes and update to these features. These are constructed very easily, so anyone can use the Control Panel of HostGator.

HostGator Control Panel provides you latest information regarding website statistics, visitors, hits to your website, and other key logs. These types of features are highly significant for ecommerce websites and businesses. These statistics help you to obtain information about the number of people visit your website, the pages that they viewed most, and much more.

The web statistics of HostGator Control Panel provides you information regarding how visitors arrive on your site. Some visitors enter in the site through links to the site. It can be accessed by simply clicking on the link. Hosting customers can also add shopping carts, bulletin boards, chat and a range of other features to your site. All these processes are very simple if you use HostGator Control Panel.

HostGator control panel also allows customers to access Fantastico, which offers a range of other easy to install scripts. It allows you to access blog, content management features and forum applications very quickly. HostGator Control Panel allows you to access customer support through Fantastico. So, you can access the help center and submit support tickets very easily.

HostGator Control Panel allows you to access ecommerce features such as Zen Cart, OS commerce, and CubeCart. You can also manage FrontPage Extensions and mySQL database very easily if you use HostGator Control Panel.

Hostgator also provides you various templates and site building applications. Even if you are new to web hosting, you can create and publish a website very easily if you use the Control Panel of HostGator. The features of HostGator will help everybody generating a nice website for publication. This HostGator Control Panel walkthrough Review will surely help you to make the right decision.

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